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Storaging nested JSON objects and change DB engine

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I have problem with standard jx9 JSON decoder and storage database engine.

I need to store JSONs like: {a:{b:{c:something}}} and search for values, where i.e. a.b.c == something. I implemented tutorial's searcher with db_fetch_all(), but I cannot go deeper than level 'a' in this case.

Can you do this kind of search in UnQLite's jx9?

Is that problem with capabilities of standard engine? How to swap it into i.e B+Tree?


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1. Since db_fetch_all() return an array, you have to implement a loop to iterate over all the array elements. I recommend you to take a look on the Jx9 tutorial here; http://unqlite.org/jx9.html.

2. Actually, we've a working B+Tree KV storage engine available for commercial users, it should go to the public when appropriate.

Hope this helps!


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