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Hello guys,
I'm trying to port unqlite to a embedded device with a very limited libc capabilities, a very old cross-platform gcc and super obscure OS. The manufacturer provides a API with memory and file operations implemented instead.
Whats is the procedure for porting unqlite to my device? Populate the structure of mem methods and vsf methods? Singlethread is enable by default?

thanks a lot and best regards!

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The only thing you need to port UnQLite is as you said:

1. Populate the SyMemMethods objects with the OS memory allocation methods. [1].
2. Ship the VFS with the target OS native API (file IO, locking, etc). [2].

It would be nice if you share your progress with us here in the forum!

[1]: http://unqlite.org/c_api_object.html#SyMemMethods
[2]: http://unqlite.org/c_api_object.html#unqlite_vfs


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