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Need Details on UnQLite

append delete Bharat Suthar

I need following details for UnQLite
1. Does It Support Cordova/Phonegap ? Since we are not using Xamarin.
2. Does it support following programming languages ?
• TS.
• JavaScript
3. Can I use UnQLite in replacement of SQLCipher ?
4. Does it supports 256 bit AES encryption?
5. What is the Subscription Charge/Price of UnQLite ? and also give some details about license.
6. List of devices(like iPads, iPhones and some other devices) on which UnQLite is being supported.
7. Demo of UnQLite, share some official video links for the Demo if possible.

Please let me know if some one knows this details.

Thank you

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append delete #1. devel

UnQLite is written is ANSI C so any platform (Windows, Unixes, Android, iOS, etc.) with a modern C compiler should work fine.

The C# binding for UnQLite is available here: https://github.com/yanghuan/unqlite-net or https://github.com/majimenezp/System.Data.Unqlite
The npm (JS) binding is available here: https://www.npmjs.com/package/unqlite
Some slides about UnQLite: https://www.slideshare.net/charsbar/unqlite or https://www.slideshare.net/PaulKim81/unqlite-62508283
The UnQLite CERD (AES 256 Ecncryption) extension is documented here: https://unqlite.org/unqlite-cerd-extension.pdf

append delete #2. Bharat Suthar

Is UnQLite supports JavaScript and TS since we are using Cordova ?

append delete #3. devel


append delete #4. Bharat Suthar

Thanks Devel,

And does it also support Cordova ??

append delete #5. devel

Yes, the binding is pure javascript so it should work fine. Symisc have a commercial cordova/phonegap UnQLite binding so you should talk with them.

append delete #6. Bharat Suthar

Thanks Devel,

Could you please share the link for the demo if any ?


append delete #7. Bharat Suthar

I am looking for the demo for the UnQlite, can someone please provide the same.

append delete #8. devel

Take a look at the Github repo at https://github.com/symisc/unqlite/tree/master/example for a set of samples.


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