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Is UnQLite suitable for Time Series Data

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From what I have read NoSQL databases are often better suited (faster at both writing and reading) for storing large amounts of real-time time series data. Would UnQLite be a good tool for storing time series data from multiple sensors. Data would be stored in time sequence, but data for each sensor would be mixed with other sensors (not all sensors storing at the same time interval). No updating or very limited updating would be required - primarily just write and read.

If UnQLite is good for this application, which storage engine would be the best choice?


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I suggest doing speed tests with other several DB i.e. LevelDB, Berkeley, SQLite etc and see who perform well for your particular case. Note that the UnQLite Disk hash storage engine perform well for this kind of operation.

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Yep, France Troc (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.symisc.troc.france) rely on UnQLite for its private listing storage which are very large.


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