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Does unqlite have something like capped collections like in mongo or how to make one?

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Mongo has capped collection which reaching XX number of rows/inserts removes oldest.
Postgres can achieve this with triggers. I guess other SQL dbs as well.

Can or how can this be achieved with unqlite?

Please note I am novice to unqlite so I'm still researching it but I need upfront info to see if I should invest my time for using unqlite for my project.

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The UnQLite document storage engine rely on a Turing complete language named jx9. You can find more on jx9 here http://unqlite.org/jx9.html. In order words, you can do whatever you want with your records using Jx9.

Here is a list of useful built-in functions shipped with Jx9 that you can call while working with your records: http://unqlite.org/jx9_builtin.html


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