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Recently I have been working on improving unqlite go binding.
Everything I could find was just an almost direct binding from C code to GO code.
And most of them seems like dead projects which have not been touched for a year or so.

Just a direct C code to GO code biding eliminates the big advantage of unqlite which is being also a document database and not just a Key-Value Database.

I suspect that people are afraid of implementing JX9 especially since some APIs that are needed are C variadic functions which are not supported directly with cgo.

I forked from https://github.com/nobonobo/unqlitego which is at that moment have not been updated for a year.

My fork is at https://github.com/tpotlog/unqlitego
I added support for JX9 & collections to make is a more high level API pretty similar to the python api for unqlite https://unqlite-python.readthedocs.org/en/latest/.

While it is still under development it begins to look like something I would like to use and hopefully also others.

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Oh Great, thank you very much. We really appreciate your contribution to the project!


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