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RE[4]: Is unqlite good for unstructured arbitrary user data and searching ?


Thanks for the reply @chm.

That doesn't really solve the problem though (unless I'm missing something obvious). Assume I have a collection called 'users' as per the site examples. I populate it with

Paul, 37, 1 Sandy Lane.
Rob, 22, 14 Marsh Road.
Mary, 30, 2 Why Close.

I now want to update the record for Mary. Using the __id scheme you mention I first have to search for the record Mary to get its __id. I don't want to have to store Mary == __id(100) elsewhere as that's what my DB was for in the 1st place. So it seems that in order to update a record I first have to search for it which seems inefficient.

Worse still when I insert new record I have to ensure none of them is actually an overwrite of an existing record. Am I missing something or is Jx9?

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