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Is unqlite good for unstructured arbitrary user data and searching ?


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:: @DD2 added on 12 Jan ’18 · 09:54

OK, thanks for the help.

I am however struggling with the Jx9 API. There are 2 main issues that I'm unsure of:

1. The records in my collection are uniquely identified by a 'key' field. When I store one or more records into the collection using the Jx9 db_store(..) method how do I ensure the record actually contains that key. I've tried playing with the db_set_schema(..) and db_get_schema(..) calls but they didn't seem to affect db_store() in any way.

2. The records are identified by a key so when I write an record with an existing key I'd like the DB to update the existing record. What seems to happen is the new record is simply appended into the collection so I end up with 2 records with same key. I must be doing something wrong?



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