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UnQLite is a in-process software library which implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional NoSQL database engine. UnQLite is a document store database similar to MongoDB, Redis, CouchDB etc. as well a standard Key/Value store similar to BerkeleyDB, LevelDB, etc.

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  1. 1 chm Does unqlite have something like capped collections like in mongo or how to make one?
  2. 2 Diethard Seiferth jx9.symisc.net
  3. 1 symisc Can I use the jx9 with unqlite for closed source project
  4. 3 vikash about memory link
  5. 4 flanhard https support for Jx9
  6. 3 chm Store json object from C/C++ code
  7. 0 chm unqlite-python using Cython, noticing nearly 10x speedup on key/value operations
  8. 1 chm Write memory leak?
  9. 2 andrzej How can I save in-memory database on disk?
  10. 6 eric database value corrupted after update?
  11. 2 eric Database Vanishes If Path Is Invalid?
  12. 1 chm unqlite database file does not relinquish disk space?
  13. 5 chm Does UnQLite support concurrent transactions ?
  14. 1 devel PHP library
  15. 1 chm can unqlite Jx9 fetch an data organize by time
  16. 0 amanjiang How do you random-access a big value using UnQLite ?
  17. 6 6XGate Pager does not close file if the database is corrupt.
  18. 8 6XGate UnQLite Crash in winClose
  19. 4 kim How to use the UNQLITE_ENABLE_THREADS option
  20. 1 chm Visual C++ C4554 Compiler Warning
  21. 10 chm Is this project dead?
  22. 1 flanhard 1.1.6 unqlite memory not released. BIG BUG !
  23. 2 chm Note on the licensing situation
  24. 1 chm Seeking information about C and Jx9 JSON capabilities
  25. 1 flanhard unqlite_vm_config doesn't keep a copy of variable name
  26. 0 hqpFGhZM How large is the test suite?
  27. 1 flanhard fork when unqlite handle is open
  28. 3 Yura Infinite loop in lhAllocateSpace
  29. 4 chm IO Errors after creating many vm's in succession
  30. 1 chm Compile unqlite as share object for ubuntu
  31. 3 flanhard Multiple processes and concurrent read/write not working
  32. 1 panzer It doesn't closed /dev/urandom
  33. 1 flanhard Sorted key disk storage
  34. 4 flanhard Compiler error when building for C++ (g++ v4.2.1)
  35. 0 Swashbuckler Licensing
  36. 3 chm crash in CollectionCacheInstallRecord()
  37. 6 chm Multiple unqlite_open / unqlite_kv_store / unqlite_close class in single process fails on store
  38. 2 chm Systematic database corruption
  39. 1 Kosta unqlite_value_string() is appending not copying
  40. 3 Kosta add unqlite_array_fetch_index()?
  41. 3 Kosta creating nested JSON arrays efficiently?
  42. 11 flanhard unqlite_fetch_array() not returning elements from JSON array
  43. 1 flanhard Document update and append
  44. 1 donglefritz extern C for C++

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