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UnQLite C/C++ API Reference - Dump Jx9 VM Instructions.


int unqlite_vm_dump(

      unqlite_vm *pVm,

      int (*xConsumer)(const void *pDump, unsigned int nLen, void *pUserData),

      void *pUserData


Dump Jx9 virtual machine instructions.


This routine is used to dump Jx9 bytecode instructions to a human readable format. The dump is redirected to the given consumer callback which is responsible of consuming the generated dump perhaps redirecting it to the standard output (STDOUT).



A pointer to a unQLite Virtual Machine.

int (*xConsumer)(const void *,unsigned int,void *)

Dump consumer callback. The callback must accept three parameters. The first parameter is the generated dump which is not null terminated. The second parameter is the dump length in bytes (The engine guarantee this number is always greater than zero) and the last parameter is the callback private data (arbitrary user pointer forwarded verbatim by the engine).

The callback must return UNQLITE_OK. Otherwise the dump generation is aborted immediately.


An arbitrary user pointer forwarded verbatim by the engine to the callback as its third argument.

Return value

UNQLITE_OK is returned on success. Any other return value indicates failure.

See also

unqlite_vm_release, unqlite_vm_exec.

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