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Note on the licensing situation

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OK guys,

UnQLite is released under the 2-Clause BSD license, use it for any purpose *without restrictions*

The ambiguity here is with Jx9. Jx9 is shipped within the UnQLite core and its license has been dropped in favor of the UnQLite license (2-Clause BSD). Yes, we can do that since the two projects are developed by the same company.

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That doesn't appear to be the case with the latest download. Just downloaded the version linked to form the main page which currently points to:


and scrolled down to line 1048-1081 where there is indeed another license within it that is /NOT/ the 2-Clause BSD that would effectively taint any project.

You'll need to have a different version without that license if you want the entire project to be usable as 2-clause BSD.

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Yes, but the same code base come here from Symisc (PH7 lib) the copyright holder and we decided to release the SPL (Symisc Public License) code portion under the 2-clause BSD especially for UnQLite.
Fell free to contact licensing@symisc.net for additional information.


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